Jehovah Raah, The Lord Is My Shepherd

Yesterday I had an appointment to pray with someone on Skype. It was for healing and deliverance.

For some reason, every time we made an appointment, something happened, which prevented to come on the phone, and we had to skip the appointment.

Before I even knew this, that also this appointment would be canceled, I wrote this on LinkedIn:

To find the door, you need to clean the cobwebs in the hallway! Meaning: To enter the new you need to get rid of old behaviors. New wine can't be poured out in old wineskins.

To make a long story short, I knew all of a sudden that our appointment would not happen. As the Lord called me as a D`Vorah in 2011 and asked Rev. Paul van Beek to send me out, twice, because in 2016 he had to ordain me and send me again, but this time in the entire call. Meaning with all aspects of being a D`Vorah.

From that moment on everything changed and everything worked, accept appointments for healing and deliverance.

Deep down in my heart, I knew that it was not what I had to do in this new time and deeper calling! But after 24 years in fulltime ministry, after all those precious spiritual sons and daughters, I could not say no! So I made exceptions sometimes, but although I was willing to be there for them, it did not work out! We could never manage to make the appointment!

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Being Led By The King!

Our great KING spoke in my heart and in the heart of my spiritual daughter! He confirmed everything I once told her! And He made it clear to her, those new things were around the corner and old things we need to let go! When she trust Him and let go of self-pity and looking back, in unforgiveness, He will lead her through the new door. The new time!

For me, it means I may concentrate on my new things! Oh, how great is our King! He truly prepares us for a task. I met someone on LinkedIn who has a marketing business.

I have been in marketing! I learned a lot and I can use things such as communication training and other things I've learned, to advice leaders and businessman. D`Vorah was a leader and a mom. During times of war a General, and otherwise a mom to many. But not in the way I have been in the past 24 years. One of my spiritual sons wrote me on WhatsApp and said: "Mom I am stepping in your footsteps!" And I realized, the new time has really begun!

I pray over you my reader(s) that whatever it is you might have to let go, you will leave behind, to walk into your ( new) assignment, in total obedience to our Lord!

May your hallway be cleansed of cobwebs and may you see the open door. May you walk through it in confidence that He is there for you!

May those who the Lord leads to me for advice or a listening ear, be blessed by what He gives and offers through me.

I`m willing to lead may the people be willing to follow!

Barachu Hashem that the strong in Yisroel put forth strength, that the people willingly offered themselves.

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The Fear Of The Lord Is The Beginning Of Wisdom ( Respect HIM)

“That the leaders led in Israel, That the people volunteered, Bless the Lord!"

Our Jehovah Raah, The Lord Is Our Shepherd we shall not want. Psalm 23

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