Is Your Beard Shaved?

Before the blessing "the beard" needs to be shaved just as we can read when Joseph needs to come before the King! One small sentence, in Torah, tells us, he changes his cloths and shaved the beard. For us it means we need to come to the end of self, beard in HIS word represents authority.

We can read in Isaiah 50: 6 I offered My back to those who struck Me, and My cheeks to those who tore out My beard. I did not hide My face from scorn and spittle. Satan wanted to "dethrone" our King. But instead of that he will come back as the KING of KINGS and L-rd of L-rd's!

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Joseph received his new position because Abba ( Father) knew he was ready for it! When we are at the end of self no matter what we are about to receive, fame, name, money or whatever, we will not forget HIM, honor HIM above anything else. He will be the number One! Which is also safer for us. We will not fall for anything bad, and become corrupt. And we know we have received the position to serve a higher cause. Not to become proud, but instead to stay humble.

If you need prayer, or you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. But first to the THRONE and then to the phone! And ask Abba where He wants you to talk further and with whom you may speak about this okay?

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