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Is There Anything Too Hard For Me?

Updated: Mar 18

Many are tired because of all the things they went through. Others are in despair, because of the #Covid19 situation. They are worried about their business and income. This morning the Lord made it so clear, He wants us to be in total surrender! Trusting HIM, while situations seem to be impossible.

Is there anything too hard for me says the Lord! Everything you experience is for the sake of My name and My Kingdom. The crushing of the olive so oil will flow! Many of you will experience how I will turn the situation in the blink of an eye. Which will honor MY Name. But afterward, when you look back, you will notice, how more of your fleshly ways of thinking have been removed, while my Ruach Hakodesh has more space without any hindrance to flow, for My Name's sake!

#Getsemane is a Hebrew word which means the crushing of olives so oil can come. Pressure in our life will remove the flesh and will bring us anointing.

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