Invitation To Come To The Ball.

While I am in intercession, the Lord asked me to write a word.

When I was a very young girl, I fell in love with someone. I was fourteen, and he was seventeen.

His name was Peter. Which means "Rock."

He had a girlfriend. But we were so young, and we did not realize it, but we went through a learning process, how to deal with the difficult things in life.

We have never done anything that we would regret later. But there was a moment when we both knew that the feelings we had were mutual.

He was a neat boy, for which I was grateful, and still am thankful for. He thought of his promise to her.

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During the Christmas ball, I saw him with his parents, his sister and his girlfriend.

The ballroom had a large dance-floor sunk into the floor.

I was standing on one side of the dance floor in my beautiful long dress, and he was on the other side where he just pushed back the chair to let his girlfriend sit down at the table.

At that moment, the moment I saw him pushing the chair back, to allow her to sit, my heart skipped a beat, tears run down my face, and my world fell to pieces.

The Lord has made it clear to me that this whole event is a prophecy. There are many, at this moment, who make themselves beautiful, in their thoughts, to participate at the King's Ball. They expect the King back.

But this is what the Lord is saying today:

" My children pay attention to what I Am about to say!"

"When I come back, do I find faith? When I come back, are you ready?

Do you understand, no, do you realize how serious this is?

Are you clean? Is your heart pure? Or do you still try to keep things hidden? Bad habits, addictions, or other things that I do not tolerate in my Kingdom?

Many think that the sacrifice that has been made means that you can keep living a sinful life. " It's all right; we are already forgiven," they say and think!

But you must follow the footsteps of Yeshua to become pure.

*** Dying To Self:
Follow Yeshua in HIS footsteps
1. Desert
Is cold during the night hot during the day, HIS fire will start to cleanse you people will leave you
2. Gethsemane
Hebrew word meaning crushing olives so oil can come. Pressure in your Life coming to end of self and gives His anointing
3. Golgotha
Hebrew word meaning Skull without the flesh. End of self willingly surrender your life
4. A period of darkness and difficulties to conquer even the hidden corners of the heart but in the Spirit, you see HIS Tallit His prayer mantle, folded up as He left it that way in the cave and where the disciples found it. It is a Jewish custom, to fold the Tallit, if they leave their place in the Synagogue. The meaning is " I Am Coming Back "

In Isaiah 28 we can find the secret how Abba is getting His army ready. In such way that we are able to stand in HIM. He is baking a bread ( us the sons of G-d Male and female ) who will share His food to the world.

Do you understand now? Soon you will be standing there in your most beautiful clothes, waiting to take part in the ball, but instead, you see Me sliding the chair back for someone else.

Do not forget My child, the flesh will never be able to stand in My presence. Now it's time to prepare for the ball! Now is the time to make ready in the right way, to receive the King!

Be still and come into My rest that is needed to hear my soft, silent voice say what I want to remove, what I MUST remove!

But you must want to recognize it and acknowledge it.

Give Me your hand and come with Me. Let's find the things that need to be cleansed and then clean it together. Don't resist this last hurdle.

So that you, too, can sit down at the table, and we will eat and dance together.”

Your Father

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