How To Gain The Strength To Give Birth

Badmidbar 1: 51 And when the Mishkan setteth forward, the Levi’im shall take it down; and when the Mishkan is to be pitched, the Levi’im shall set it up; and the zar (stranger, outsider, unauthorized party) that cometh nigh shall be put to death.

52 And the Bnei Yisroel shall pitch their tents, every man by his own machaneh (camp), and every man by his own degel (standard, banner), throughout their tzva’ot (hosts).

53 But the Levi’im shall encamp around the Mishkan HaEdut, that there be no ketzef (wrath) fall upon the Adat Bnei Yisroel; and the Levi’im shall be shomer mishmeret (watch the watch, attend to, keep the charge, the reverence) of the Mishkan HaEdut.

54 And the Bnei Yisroel did according to all that Hashem commanded Moshe, so did they.

Numbers 1:51 Whenever the tabernacle is to move, the Levites are to take it down, and whenever the tabernacle is to be set up, the Levites shall do it. Anyone else who approaches it is to be put to death. 52 The Israelites are to set up their tents by divisions, each of them in their own camp under their standard. 53 The Levites, however, are to set up their tents around the tabernacle of the covenant law so that my wrath will not fall on the Israelite community. The Levites are to be responsible for the care of the tabernacle of the covenant law.”54 The Israelites did all this just as the Lord commanded Moses.

This morning after a long and deep prayer the Lord gave me a word for all of those who know they have a calling, a task, and they expect to see it coming, but instead they encounter weaknesses, illness, heartache and pain, troubles and persecution.

The Lord showed me this morning what is going on!

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As a team we intercede for many people, and there is a situation going on with a young mother ( I can't say more) But during prayer this morning the Father makes it clear that her situation is a prophetic * example to those who must step into the new, giving birth to a new ministry a new task, but are unable to accomplish this birth. The heart has no strength to pump. The body is too weak, and the heart sometimes stops for a brief moment.

* As Ezekiel was a symbol for Israel when the Lord took away his wife!

Yechezkel 24:15-25 (OJB)

15 Also the Devar Hashem came unto me, saying,

16 Ben adam, hineni, I take away from thee the makhmad (darling delight) of thine eynayim with a magefah (stroke); yet neither shalt thou wail nor weep, neither shall thy dema’ot (tears) run down.

Why are we so weak? While the Lord has given promises through His prophets that we may arise and shine and we may stand in His strength and power?

I started this prophetic teaching with a scripture out of Numbers 1. It is an example of Godly order! Abba ( Father) made it clear that there is no order in His Church, His Body.

In this time we see anarchy all over the world, people against leadership against doctors and people who serve us in all kind of ways. Anarchy on schools, in our societies, and yes, even in our churches and meetings.

Many talk about leadership, and many call themselves a leader while the Lord did not sent them as such!

There are also those who know, God calls them as Apostles & Prophets Five-fold ministry leaders, but they fear people more than the Lord! ( Fear in this matter means RESPECT) The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom! Do not end up as King Saul!

The Lord also makes it clear that many of His children only read the Brit Chadashah or The New Testament. While He is One God, sharing One Word, having One Shepherd Who takes care of One Flock!

And then there is the matter of the unity. Unity between Jew and Goyim as the Jew is the natural branch and the Goyim is grafted in we are both supported by Yeshua! Christians who allow the Lord to circumcise their heart, are called Jews ( inwardly) And they supposed to walk with the natural branch together in unity and can help each other to learn from each other.

There must come unity between the Jews with all their different back grounds, because we have been scattered among the Nations. There must come unity between the Christians instead of all the backbiting and fighting against each other!

Please read the secret behind the Menorah on my website Our self-made symbols divide us. The Menorah is from God and represents so much.

The middle shaft the foot represents Yeshua and all the little candlesticks are knitted to HIM and therefore they are also knitted to each other!

A good Menorah is built in such way that, if you burn the candles their little light points out to the middle shaft. All honor and glory is supposed to go to the Lord, the Father in heaven!

We are almost at the point of the biggest move ever seen, which is about to take place. Sons of God ( Male and Female) Appointed and Anointed to flood the earth to harvest!

But our “heart” has not enough power to give birth to our spiritual child.

( Task and Ministry) Because we are not standing in the position, in the way the Lord wants us to.

Klarine saw two images /visions on her spiritual eyes.

1. In the first image she saw a thick rope hanging down on the side of a large ship and someone who was climbing up on that rope.

2. In the second image, she saw a poster, which was ripped through the middle and as it was pulled a little apart, she saw from the underlying layer, something that looked like very old steps of stone.

Abba gave me the gift of interpret dreams and visions. Blessed be HIS Name.

In the first image the thick rope she saw is in fact a rope ladder. The ship represents that Father wants to sail He wants to start with the plans He has for us!

For six months I have been on a Bulk Carrier, and I have climbed the rope ladder many times and trust me it is not easy! The ship sways on the waves at sea, the rope ladder swings back and forth. So you hang loose from the ship above the waves and you have to clamp to avoid falling, and suddenly you are pushed against the ship and you hang so steep especially when you are almost at the end!

It is the point where you have to do it yourself. Nobody can help you and you have no other choice but to climb down in a panic just before you reach your destination, or you persevere and stand your ground, and you give not in, and victorious you step on the boat which is about to sail to your ( HIS) destination!

The second image of the poster represents the ordinary life the modern life

( Poster) It seems always to be about the perfect place the perfect guy or the perfect girl. But when life tears us down, and the perfect image is ripped, and we look closer, - and in the life of a believer we LISTEN closer, - we notice that we walked on the wrong path, and we find that old staircase, the ancient path, where our forefathers found rest for their souls.

Jeremiah 6: 16 This is what the Lord says:

“Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.

Yeshua did not replace the law, He replaced the sacrificial lamb. He showed us all when He was walking on earth HOW to come at the end of your fleshly way of thinking.

Yeshua shows you the way how to come to the end of self in order to be grafted in.

1. Desert Period = The fire of G-d will start to move upon your life. The desert is hot during

the day and cold during the night.

Meaning: His fire will be hot to cleanse you. Cold: People will leave you and pressure is coming into your life!

2. Gethsemane = Hebrew word translated: Crushing of olives so oil can come

Meaning: Pressure will come into your live and will remove the ways of the world in your

thinking and behavior, so His anointing can come.

3. Golgotha = Hebrew word translated: Skull without the flesh!

Meaning: Total surrender. As Yeshua gave up HIS life willingly ( nobody could kill Him)

so you will come to the point of total surrender! End of the flesh and walking in His Ruach!

Now you are grafted in the Olive tree: Israel Jew Natural branch Goyim grafted in both supported by Yeshua the Moshiach.

​He will write the law upon your heart, as the Jew obey His commands through labor!

And then last but for certain not least, it is time for the unity. A House Divided Cannot Stand. Matthew 12: 22-28

I once saw an image on my spiritual eyes

I saw a huge circle and we all were standing in that circle outside of the line. In the middle of the circle was a dot. ( Yeshua)

We tried to walk towards that dot with each other while holding hands ( trying to make the unity ourselves) but the circle suddenly changed in the form of a huge eye. And the Lord made it clear: CONTROL.

Then I saw the circle again and we stood there and we started to walk each of us by ourselves towards the dot in the middle ( Yeshua) As soon as someone was one with HIM they were also one with those who also reached the crucial point of the dot. When we all reached the dot of the circle there was complete unity with the Lord and with each other! We all ( Jew and Gentile believers were HIS apple of the eye! ) ONE flock with ONE God One Shepherd embracing HIS ONE word!!

Back to the Godly order In the Torah portion of this Shabbat we could read the scripture of Numbers1 or Badmidbar 1.

Abba ( Father) is the ONE and ONLY who gives positions and tasks to His children!

It is time for those who know the Lord calls them in a certain task, to stand and loose the fear for people! Do not end up as Saul! And those who called themselves, you need to repent! Abba called me in the early 90’ts and I still know what I thought back then, Father if this is truly coming from you, please confirm it!

The next morning Ted Walker who is Jewish too by the way, sent me an email with a scripture out of Jeremiah and a small piece out of a book of Corrie Ten Boom. " Father make me satisfied with the calling you give me!"

Years of serving followed, and then other Leaders in HIS service, started to recognize me and one of them ordained me as an apostle -prophetess.

Years later Rev. Paul van Beek had to send me in my final calling Prophetess D’Vorah. A Prophetess, Agitator, Ruler, Warrior, in HIS service.

The battle that has been taken place against the woman in ministry, needs to stop!

The BRIDE of the Lord has two arms and two legs. One body supported by the Lord! Do not paralyze HIS army!

And then there is the balance which we need to embrace in some matters

Leaders who think they may use the flock as slaves, you need to repent and turn back from your ways. Pastors who think HIS sheep are not allowed to grow and be send out, Pastors who are more busy with creating a building instead of tending HIS flock, People who oppress the leadership send by God, Leaders who misuse their position for own benefit, you need to repent and turn back from your ways.

People who teach the prosperity gospel without the suffering part, people who teach about suffering without the prosperity part, people who teach the new testament without the Torah, people who teach Torah and deny the Brit Chadashah You need to repent and turn back from your ways. Each church, each Synagogue, each group, each person, who believes in God, needs to understand He is the G-d Of Avraham Yitzchak and Ya’acov. The G-d Of Israel! The Jewish Moshiach!

He says of Himself I Am Hashem Elohei Avoteichem, Elohei Avra'ham, Yitzchak, and Ya'akov. There is no other Elohim besides Me: El Tzaddik and Moshi’a; there is none besides Me.

Turn unto Me, and be ye saved, kol afsei Eretz (all the ends of the Earth); I am El (G-d), and there is no other [G-d].

Concerning Israel

And I will bring you in unto HaAretz, concerning the which I did lift up My hand to swear to give it to Avraham, to Yitzchak, and to Ya’akov; and I will give it to you for a morashah (heritage); I am Hashem.

We can learn from each other ( Groups Churches Synagogues Jew and Goyim) as our Lord is so big we all see in part. The moment we bow down before HIM and realize we are NOTHING without Him, He opens our eyes and we will see things we never saw before. As long as we depend on Him, He will show us what IS HIS word, and what goes AGAINST HIS word!

We need to stop the backbiting and the gossip and hatred towards each other.

The blood the Lord wants to see in (T)His Body is the Blood of the LAMB which heals and delivers and unites! Then HIS HEART is in it and our babies can be delivered so we can arise and shine and flood this dark earth with HIS good news and HIS light!

And remember, all what Abba made me write down here, it is all about


I pray a blessing over you, while reading HIS word. May we soon see the fruit of our obedience towards the Lord.

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