Healing & Deliverance on Shabbat

Please read my powerful healing testimony of cancer. It will take your breath away and build your faith!

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The Key For Receiving Is The Circumcised Heart!

Abba I pray that before erev shabbat begins, YOU may touch YOUR children, with healing deliverance and most important, that the heart of stone will become a tender heart! May YOU heal this shabbat deliver set straight and glorify YOUR name!

I pray that scales will be removed from eyes and walls be removed around the heart! I speak in the authority of Yeshua Name, that fear and doubt may dissapear, and that faith arises! I pray for the healing in marriages, reconciliation between parents and children, in family's friendships, between colleagues, neighbors, world-leaders, between Jew and Goyim, between the different background of the Jewish people, between Christians, Congregations, Synagogues, and that YOUR will be done!

No more envy jealousy, power-struggles, playing games. Let faith arise let YOUR love arise Let YOUR fire fall, touch us Father, make us one!

May people heal from emotional pains, may wrong attitudes change from being the victim, into the powerful warrior in your army Abba!

May the Bible ( entire word) become the LIVING TRUE WORD again. May it be taken out of the closet, and be read! May YOUR word return to the schools, may we learn to speak it boldly everywhere in the authority you have given us, when we are at the end of self!

May it be as a sword which divides spirit and flesh!

I pray a blessing over this shabbat! I thank YOU Abba that I may write down which YOU write upon my heart to share to YOUR children!

Blessed Be YOUR Name my KING! Amen ve amen!

Shabbat Shalom my brothers and sisters! Also on behalf of Yochanan my husband.


Gut Shabbos!