God's Order, Provision, Protection

The Hebrew word for the number ten is pronounced, eser and looks like this:עשר The first character is the ayin, ע, and symbolically means to see, eye, discern, or divine providence. The second character is the Shin, ש, and symbolically means the tree of life, burning bush, God's spirit. The third character is the Resh, ר, and symbolically means a humble or penitent man like he is bending over in prayer.

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On my bracelet was a charm with the word TESHUVA. (repentance) It suddenly fell off. A day later, a dime fell on the ground while Yochanan opened a drawer. (Old money from the last century) Value: Ten Cents. It represents to go back to the ancient paths where we will find rest for our souls!

We have opened that drawer so many times, and also cleaned it. I knew this was God! I knew from the first moment,when the charm with the word Teshuva fell off, that it was prophetic. I also knew I had to wait on the Lord, because He would give me something new!

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The prophetic message behind this all: For some of us, the time of teshuva has turned into a time of God's order, provision, protection and restoration. When we come to the end of self, God's hand will move!

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