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How can you grow when you never allow change because you like to stay in your comfort zone?

How can you notice your flaws when you are nailed to the ground?

👇 👇 “Those who do not move do not notice their chains.” ― R. Luxemburg

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No matter if you start a business or you are called in a ministry, if you are a believer, you need to trust the Lord.

I see many people struggling with our Holy God, in when to "use" Him or when to "hide" Him.

As if He is a joker which you can use in the game when you are in need of it!

You can have all the skills of the world, but if the ground where you are walking on, is not solid, you will not reach the goal you have set for yourself. - Dr. Cathy Meijer

Being in ministry seems to be more comfortable because your task is to share His word. But even so, if you are not led by Him and try to do things in your own strength, the fruit you expect to come will not show up.

Starting a business as a believer in a world where we learn, we always can get what we want has even more traps, if you are not a solid believer!

Many want the blessings which we can read in His word, but try to accomplish it in the wrong way!

We must not despise the small beginnings! Every little stone will help you to build the vision! But to find the mountaintop is impossible without walking through the valleys!

Also, our heavenly Father is not a toy, which you can use whenever you think it will benefit your plans!

We need to start asking ourselves, am I called in ministry? Is it the Father who wants me to go into business?

Many religious people ( living by the letter without the revelations of the Holy Spirit) think a believer can't step into the business world. Recently I saw a prophecy where it stated:

"I will increase a spirit of entrepreneurship."

Keep It Pure!

As long as your heart is upon HIM and you prayerfully start what HE tells you to do, you are in for a roller coaster experience.

You do what you need to do, and you trust the ONE in what only He can do!

As long as you are not going against His ways and His word; you can be sure His hand is there to bless your work.


In business, you can encounter a situation in which a problematic choice has to be made. Being a believer in this day and age is not more complicated, then it was in the early days. You make it as straightforward or as complicated as your faith and trust are!

If your decision goes against the boundaries, which the Lord made so clear for us in His word, the door is open to walk astray and it might end in a fiasco!

Sometimes He can ask from us to do things which seem impossible and where you think of like a never-ending story where you run the risk of losing everything But if you are sure about what He is asking of you, and you obey and trust, it will end in a blessing.

For what seems to be impossible will bring a blessing beyond your wildest dreams.

Remember that the Lord wants to glorify HIS Name through you and in the things He calls you for in life!

No matter if you work in ministry ( definition working within the borders of churches and denominations) or you operate in the business world ( believers and non-believers), there are always choices we need to make between worldly solutions or following God's ways!

As soon as He sees your faith ( even of the size of a mustard seed) and your determination to obey Him, no matter what, His hand will be on you in whatever you do!

I saw a friend on LinkedIn who is successful in business, sharing a message in which he stated:

" It starts and ends with prayer obedience, and trust!"

Be blessed in all you do!

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