End Of Self Beginning Of ***G-d!

Shalom Mishpacha ( Family)

As I ministered today to several people, Abba brought back two messages in my heart which I need to re-send!

For many of us, are tired and weary, as the journey of dying to self, is long and hard.

In obedience, I add the two words underneath here.

Years ago, I received a message from the Lord that we would enter a season, where He would surprise us all of a sudden.

It is "the season of the suddenlies."

What we have tried to accomplish, for many years, and without having success, our Lord will give us in the blink of an eye! But for those who are still waiting for their blessing, I want to share what I heard in prayer:

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Abba ( Father) said that sometimes He needs to remove something which can hurt us deeply while walking at the new level. When there is something in front of your eyes which has a higher place than HIM, it can become a stumbling block. Remember how we can read that Joseph's shaved his beard before he met the king. In the Bible, beard represents authority! When our beard "will be shaved" (the process of coming at the end of self) HIS authority, can freely without boundaries, cover our entire being! Victory will come in the plan He has for you when He can serve through you, and you allow HIM to have the steering wheel in HIS hands! Keep trusting and start to rest in HIM!

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The Rose Can Bloom
Many years ago during prayer time the Lord spoke this to me.

Running away from pain will haunt you later in life. Going through the pain will heal you and make you stronger! It will bring you wisdom. Many people underestimate, the power of life experience while it is the gold to live a wealthy life! Rich in wisdom sensitivity and empathy.

What the world needs is people, who learned things in life, who do not help others, because they have been reading books, and only share pure knowledge, but who walked the journey, with everything life brings us. They can show you the journey, not only the route which leads to the mountaintop, but also how to deal with the valley experiences. And to find the top of the mountain, you can't avoid the valley experiences.

They learned to kneel and give thanks in the most challenging situations, and received a special box from The ONE who created us!

The box is filled with life experiences, with divine wisdom, with empathy, and honesty and integrity.

We live on this earth, and a coach called by His Name will not show you fairy-tales, but the real world and how to cope with life experiences! What does not kill you makes you stronger!

It will build your character and teach you perseverance.

Mamme D'Vorah Coaching Through The Light Of Torah

*** According to Jewish law and tradition,

the various names for our Creator are all considered holy and must be treated with the utmost respect.

If there is a paper with the name written out in full, then it cannot be thrown away, but actually we take all such papers and bury them properly in the ground and keep them separate from other things (see Proper Disposal of Holy Objects). Clearly many readers print out our material. We cannot have a situation where they read the article and then throw it in the garbage with the word with the “o” as that is disrespecting His holy name. It is therefore traditional to insert the dash so that there is no issue. 

Explanation from Sara Esther Crispe Jewishwoman.org

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