Blow Ye The Trumpet In Tzyion Again!

Again it is the time to sound the alarm in Tzyion!

The Lord spoke to me and said: YOU are MY people!

Jew and those who are Jews inwardly!

He is not pleased with certain things! I know more messages will come in the time to come!

He says: " I Am Holy BE Holy! "

The Lord spoke very clearly to me about things He is not pleased with. WILL GIVE YOU one clue: The story of Esther. See how we celebrate Purim today. Jew & Gentile are expecting the same Moshiach, Abba will give me word for the entire flock soon!

Jew and Goyim! We supposed to be ONE flock with ONE Shepherd. He is ONE God and gave us ONE word!

For now I re-send some messages out of the past years.

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Blow You The Trumpet in Zion!

March 8, 2013 Cathy Meijer

Blow you the trumpet in Zion, And sound an alarm in my holy mountain!   Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, For the day of Yahweh comes, for it is close at hand.

Thus saith the Lord:

  It is not only My leaders that I need to warn!   Also My sheep must take heed, for what I Am is about to say!   Yes I am making a shift in everything that can be shaken!  I will purify and I will cleans My Body!  I will also speak judgement over My sheep saith the Lord!   You are not only treat each other very badly, you gossip, and treat each other sometimes in cruel ways!   Also, the ones whom I Am is sending with a message straight from My heart, are being treated badly! This is not how I want it, says the Lord.   How can people see My love and My Kingdom, if My people who are called by My Name are in disorder!   I will make an end to this saith the Lord.I have trained and purified MY chosen vessels.  I am sending them, and you will receive them as if you receive Me, saith the Lord.   I will bring order in My Body, saith the Lord.   And those whom I send will share My heart, will bring correction, and I AM is with them, saith the Lord.  You are all so busy with what you think you need!  You are searching for My blessings saith the Lord, but you never give a thought for who I Am and what My plans are…   I will come back for a Bride without blemish or spot or wrinkle!  

I Am holy, so be holy!  I Am grace, but grace is that you do not need to slaughter a lamb! I became the sacrificial Lamb for all, and I will write My law upon your hearts!   You search for gifts but I want to show you a much better way MY love for I Am the love!   How do you receive My love you ask?   To come to the end of self! saith the Lord.

  Today, My Body is in complete disorder and the word grace is the word that is turned around and twisted like never before, saith the Lord.   Your future and My plan is to have a set apart holy people!   Today My Body seems to be an organisation while it must be an organism.   Each of you must listen to My voice saith the Lord.Each of you need to have a circumcised heart, saith the Lord.  So listen, I will come with My shaking and My Body and My house will be cleansed!  I have raised a company of people who are ready to share My word and it will be like a fire and it will be like a hammer that shatters rocks!  I have raised a company of women of My daughters worldwide they are Deborah`s and I will bring them to churches and they will cleanse the water that is polluted they will speak My truth!

I will take those that I warned for such a long time  –  who are still in positions where they can influence a huge crowd but instead of sharing MY word and MY Heart, they make shows for themselves and they give what the people want to hear!  –  I will remove them out of their little kingdoms, saith the Lord and I will replace them for the ones that I Am has prepared for these days and this time!   People cannot listen to My word any more; they only want to hear a message that will tickle their ears, but those whom I have trained will open their mouths and they will speak MY word saith the Lord.   My house must be cleansed my judgement will begin in My own house saith the Lord!

Ezekiel 34:17-22 “Judgment on the Strong Sheep.  The LORD God said to his sheep, the people of Israel: I will carefully watch each one of you to decide which ones are the strong sheep and which ones are weak.  Some of you eat the greenest grass, then trample down what’s left when you finish.  Others drink clean water, then step in the water to make the rest of it muddy.  That means my other sheep have nothing fit to eat or drink.  So I, the LORD God, will separate you strong sheep from the weak.   You strong ones have used your powerful horns to chase off those that are weak, but I will rescue them and no longer let them be mistreated.  I will separate the good from the bad.”

Jeremiah 23: 29 “My words are a powerful fire; they are a hammer that shatters rocks.”

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Words out of 2016:

Testing a Prophecy

This past night the LORD gave me impressions about the word Prophecy!

There are prophetic words which CONFIRM things that have happened in someone’s life.

There are prophetic words that give a WARNING or PREDICT future events.

Words for the entire Bride to be.  Words for a certain group.  Words for a certain person.

Not every Word is for you!

I had to send a word in February about people would receive houses, jobs, baby’s and children would come home spiritually finding the LORD, and literally coming home after being away from home for a long, long time.  I received testimonies (all areas).

But those who CLAIMED it, almost demanded it, and asked ME instead of the LORD when, when, when? and are still waiting…

It can be because things always happen on the LORD’s timing.  It can also be, it is not for you!

I was reading not so long ago, that if a prophetic word does not come to pass, the person is not a prophet.

Read your bible and see how long of a time there can be between prophetic words.A word can come to pass in someone’s life while nothing happens in someone else his or her life!

Last thought about this issue: We have blessings which we may share like the prophecy I had to give in February, and there are warning words!

The LORD is sounding the shofar, He is warning the world to repent, because he comes back for a Bride without blemish spot and wrinkle!   The ones who are called to be His mouthpiece, cannot decide for themselves what they must send out!

May the LORD bless you!  And may the desires of your heart come to pass!

Warning! The Shofar is Sounding! – A Word from the Throne Room!-

For good news came to us just as to them, but the message they heard did not benefit them, because they were not united by faith with those who listened.

Papa tells us today:

A bride without wrinkle is a Bride without worries!

But My children you mix My pure wine with a lot of dirty water!

I see this in your marriages, your lifestyle, in every area of your life!


Listen to me as I tell you truth!

I see how you still listen to worldly music and drink the words as if it is truth!  Love songs in the world always tell you that only when THE OTHER is near to you and loves you back you can be happy and you will find rest.

Only when the love of the OTHER PERSON is confirming your heart then and only then you will feel LOVED and SECURE!

My children, where do you read in MY word that this kind of behavior is true?

Am I not the way the truth and the life?  Only IN ME you can find rest!

If you tell Me that you trust Me, why then is it I see you start dating and follow the world?  In every aspect of your behavior?  And while you do that and have sex outside of the marriage you ask Me for a blessing when you get married?   Many of you marry each other where I did not have brought you together!

How can you expect a blessing when you do not INCLUDE Me in your life?

You know so well where you can read that I AM the giver of blessings, but you need to read My word prayerfully and then you will notice you can make a CHOICE between blessing and curse!

By obeying Me and allow Me to write My law upon your heart!

My ways are good! My Son is the MEDICINE for those who are sick and live unhealthy lives!

Why is it that there are so many divorces among My children?  Have you been praying together?  Did you experienced My presence when you meet each other?

Did you ask Me if this was THE ONE that I have in store for you?


My beloveds, I AM telling you the truth there is no such thing as Christian Yoga!  You follow mediation rules out of the world and you follow other pagan gods.

You pollute your houses – where you pray and ask ME a blessing and keep you and your houses safe, – with idols.  

Statues and Pagan rituals!

Even the children I wave into your body are being polluted with your Yoga practices and other pagan rituals!

I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE!   My road is straight and it brings you into My rest!

My Son is rest and My set apart day means rest!  Eternal rest means that you allow Me to be the King of your ENTIRE life!  But what I see is a mix in My Bride to be!

It is no longer time to do this!  You want MY blessings but you follow the WAYS OF THE WORLD!

All of ME is all of YOU! I gave MYSELF entirely I ask of you ALL to do the same so I can cleanse you and purify you from the ways of the world and the consequences that you face because of having done so.

My Kingdom is HOLY and I AM HOLY and you need to be HOLY!  
In My Kingdom no flesh can stand!   IMPOSSIBLE!

So, as long as you TRY to mix both worlds and wanting to HAVE things out of BOTH worlds you will end up with……. NOTHING!

As you follow your self-made gods….  And your self-proclaimed rules you will end up in a divorce.  You will be led astray and lose ME as I truly Am!   And your marriages and life’s will be torn apart and you will find sorrow instead of My blessings!

Today, as you can hear MY voice, do NOT harden your heart! Turn back to Me acknowledge and confess your sin and repent.

Do not quench My Holy Spirit as you are doing now, because of the sins you commit!  The more you walk your walk and talk your talk the higher the walls you are building around your heart, the less you will hear My voice!

MY children you beg of Me to give breakthrough and blessings!   But you create your own ways and follow your own rules.   Disobedience is as rebellion as witchcraft!  Remember what happened with Ananias, and with his wife Sapphira?

As My power and glory is increasing on this polluted earth, you will see signs and wonders but also the things as they happened to those two!

I still AM as I AM and I have not changed!

Many of you are only familiar with PART of MY word.  You never have been reading out of Torah.  The 5 first books of My Word!  But as I Am ONE, My word is ONE and My people must become ONE with ME as I AM and with each other!

I send those who are ready to teach MY ways and to help you to follow My word My entire word! Because My children The Son did not came to remove the law. He only REPLACED the sacrifice!

I want to write MY law and MY ways upon YOUR Heart!

Do not harden your heart beloved, instead soften it and be ready to be taken on a adventure of MY truth!  I will make you feel as Alice in Wonderland as you discover my entire TRUTH!

Who I AM and how I want to heal and restore and to bless!   Deliverance is removing old patterns old behavior and removing the false gods and teachings out of your life and walk! I want to cleanse your houses, your lifestyle and behavior so I AM, can come back for a BRIDE as pure and white as snow!

Many cry out today, “Why?”  “Why?”  as they see their countries going down.  My Prophet Jeremiah warned My people in the old days and I AM telling you this the same thing is happening again!

When nations follow the ways of the world run to pagan gods forget about ME the foreigner will walk over you!

“You who reside by many waters,rich in treasures, your end has come, your life thread is cut. The LORD of Hosts has sworn by Himself: I will fill you up with men as with locusts, and they will sing the victory song over you,” Jeremiah 51:14.

Come, My loved ones and My chose ones….  I AM wants to take you for the ride of your life to have the time of your life so you can enter MY Kingdom Life totally!



Lying to the Holy Spirit:    Acts 5:1-11.

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