Balagàn ~ בִּלבּוּל ~ Confusion

Published on March 25 2005

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Balagàn ~ בִּלבּוּל ~ Confusion Cathy Meijer hc mult. May 25, 2005

In the wake of two questions of brothers in faith, the Heavenly Father reminded me of the following article.

The Seventy Weeks Daniel wrote:

“I was still confessing my sins and those of all Israel to the LORD my God, and I was praying for the good of his holy mountain, when Gabriel suddenly came flying in at the time of the evening sacrifice.

This was the same Gabriel I had seen in my vision, and he explained: Daniel, I am here to help you understand the vision. God thinks highly of you, and at the very moment you started praying, I was sent to give you the answer.

God has decided that for seventy weeks, your people and your holy city must suffer as the price of their sins. Then evil will disappear, and justice will rule forever; the visions and words of the prophets will come true, and a most holy place will be dedicated.

You need to realize that from the command to rebuild Jerusalem until the coming of the Chosen Leader, it will be seven weeks and another sixty-two weeks.

Streets will be built in Jerusalem, and a trench will be dug around the city for protection, but these will be difficult times. At the end of the sixty-two weeks, the Chosen Leader will be killed and left with nothing.

A foreign ruler and his army will sweep down like a mighty flood, leaving both the city and the temple in ruins, and war and destruction will continue until the end, just as God has decided.

For one week, this foreigner will make a firm agreement with many people, and halfway through this week, he will end all sacrifices and offerings.

Then the “Horrible Thing” that causes destruction will be put there. And it will stay there until the time God has decided to destroy this one who destroys.”

Daniel 9:20–27 (CEV).

Cleansing and Purifying

Now is the time for those who are serious about following the LORD to leave the old behind and entrust themselves completely to the LORD.

Teshuva: תשובה‎‎, a total return to God, humbling, cleansing, turnaround, repentance! Sons and Daughters are destined to become visible in our time! Here come the anointed ones!


So much has been said and written down already in regard to the Antichrist, but what in fact does this word imply?
Christ = Messiah = the Anointed One and His Anointing!
Sons and daughters will be anointed persons. With hearts that are utterly broken and contrite, they will be led by the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, to shine as bright lights in an ever darker world.
Antichrist = Anti – Anointing! Being against the anointing...

Word received: Daniel 7:2

“I had a vision at night. I saw there before me the four winds of the sky breaking out over the great sea.

Like the sea brings forth foam which is made as a result of the salt in the water, so will it be with My Body. The remnant are the children whom I have filled with the oil of My Spirit.

Like a wave, it will manifest itself and flow over the world. My body… My army, Living water will be produced as they speak what I command.

They shall be one from heart and soul. They will expect it from Me. I will be their Father and they will be My children.

Unexpectedly, it shall blossom in the silence. It is now growing. The signs are already there. Like the foam at the sea, so shall My light shine in this dark world.

Thou are the salt of the earth. From the four corners of the earth, they shall come together to exalt My Name.”

“On that day, Adonai Tzva`ot will be a glorious crown and a brilliant diadem for the remnant of His people. He will also be a spirit of justice for whoever sits as a judge, and a source of strength for those repelling enemy attacks at the gate,” (Isaiah 28:5-6).

“When crushing grain for bread, one doesn`t crush it to powder. This too comes from Adonai Tzava`ot. His counsel is wonderful and his wisdom great.” (Isaiah 28:28-29). Received May 25, 2005

But, before we can set off as such, the Bride will have to be restored to full function in the power of God Almighty! Being anointed! The best wine saved for last! Out with the old stuff, enter the new!

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Powerful Army

Led by the Holy Spirit, the Sons and Daughters of His Highest, will do greater things than our Messiah did while He walked on this earth!

The secret to these ‘greater things’ is to be found in that very word ‘anointing’…. Indeed, there will be this false unity of mixed religions, the Babylonian church!

This Babylon embodies unity without the Blood of Yeshua (Jesus), without the anointing!

In this Babylon system there will be enmity towards the anointed of God, His chosen Sons and Daughters!

Anti – Christ = Anti – Anointing! Being against the anointing…


In light of the above it is CRUCIALLY important to allow yourself, your own fleshly thinking to be BROKEN and CRUSHED, now that it is still possible!

And: to allow yourself to be RESTORED, on all fronts!

This is why it is so vital and imperative to give God a free rein, to have Him search your innermost parts, to see yourself in His full light!

For the Antichrist, the false messiah and his false religion, the false church with its false unity, they will so deceptively masquerade as… the Gospel…

By making use of the very same ingredients, the very same words, such as ‘Peace’, ‘Love’ and ‘Righteousness’ it will closely, deceptively resemble what Yeshua told us, but nevertheless it will be BLOODLESS and DEVOID OF LIFE & POWER!

“I AM The TRUTH, The WAY and The LIFE,” says our Messiah, “no one will come to the Father EXCEPT through ME”

Precisely this principle will be principally denied and contradicted in the false church and its false unity. Anything goes in this melting pot of religions that propagates a kind of love that God has never intended!


I AM the Lion of Judah, says Yeshua of Himself! My word will be sweet like honey for those who have been broken in their own selves and their fleshly thinking, but bitter to those who choose to hold fast to their own ways, their own thinking, their own soul power..

The Lion and The Lamb a different kind of love than the love as we’d like to interpret it…

‘NO’ can be an answer that doesn’t sound like love to our fleshly thinking, but in His Love the answer no can do us so much good!

Do not reduce our King to a human being, do not try to weave our human love around Him… My thoughts and ways are higher than yours, says He about Himself!!!


To become utterly broken, utterly emptied and cleansed of sins and curses, in order to be born form Spirit, to be a vessel, an instrument in His hands…

To be led and guided by the Spirit, step by step, so as to do what He wants to do…

Such is the true Gospel, in all the splendor of its simplicity…

But the Heavenly Father revealed to me that in the course of time more and more people didn’t get to the point of allowing themselves to be broken completely, to the point of becoming FULLY AWARE of the TOTAL lostness and deprivation of their sinful state, if it were not for the atoning sacrifice of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, the Lamb, slain before the foundation of the world….

Over time, so many people have come to ‘accept’ Jesus as Savior with the hidden agenda to gain a better life for themselves…

If vessels like these set out to preach the Gospel, they cannot but share a weak, watered-down version of the Message……

Paul was struck by The LIGHT and was instantly blinded…to subsequently be filled with SPIRIT & WORD, SPIRIT & WORD.

This same ‘scholar’, who once knew everything, tells us later: “For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.”

Why would it be that we in our time have so few enemies… so little persecution…?

Because we are still so powerless…

But the LORD is NOW in the process of restoring HIS BRIDE, of ridding her of old patterns, structures, doctrines, dogmas…

RESTORATION…. the best wine saved for last…

Sons and Daughters being made visible…

Therefore my dear brothers or sisters, if this applies to you: 

humble yourself and allow the Light to shine brightly through you as well! Confess your guilt, turn around and repent! Teshuva!!

Turn around totally towards: GOD!

No other name than the name of Yeshua/Jesus will suffice!

And then… we will march on, shoulder to shoulder as a mighty army…

Then… there will be no more confusion Balagàn בִּלבּוּל in Hebrew) in this army…

Persecution and hostility? FOR CERTAIN! Antichrist Anti – Anointing…

The false church with its false unity, bloodless, lifeless and powerless without the Name and HIS atoning sacrifice, will be our enemy…

But we know in WHOM we have believed! We know already WHO has overcome: Yeshua (Jesus)! I Am the Alpha and the Omega! In Me dwells the beginning and the end!


©by DezertoFloro. "Blooming Despite Adversity." 

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