Shalom faithful subscribers, members and followers,

Due the time we are living in, and the leading of the Lord, I have made some changes.

The will change into

I do not know if you need to subscribe again, but now you know, what is going to happen.

LOGO Mamme D'Vorah

For now, if you click at both domains, you visit what used to be DezertoFloro.

I also removed the member section, where you could log in, and were able to comment on underneath the prophetic words and teachings. The reason, is the same as I already mentioned. Due the time we are living in, and the attacks on social media, and also on our websites, I can't afford that people with wrong intentions become members on my website. I guess everyone can understand what might, can and will happen.

Those who subscribed to the old devorahcoaching, and who are led to this website now, I invite to stay here and read the messages which I send out here.

Blessed weekend , and I pray that this "new" website with the main goal being a prophetess from the G-d of Avraham Yitzchak and Ya'akov, will continue to be a blessing to many.