A Word For The Sisters!

Bubbles Cathy Meijer & Susan Vannice

Vision of many years ago, but it is for this time. The time is NOW!

Father has given us a vision about what is going on in the spirit realm right now.

It sounds very simple and almost even childish. But sometimes we need something simple! We complicate things too much! Here it is. Read more underneath the picture.


I see a pot of water on the verge of boiling. On the bottom of the pan are tiny bubbles emerging out of nowhere. These bubbles are coming faster and faster and connecting. To anyone who just looks at the surface of the water cannot see what is happening on the bottom of the pan. The surface onlookers will just see the smooth calm surface, but they are not looking deep enough! They will be surprised when momentarily the whole pot begins to roll and boil!

Ladies, we are the bubbles on the bottom of the pot. The onlookers and the surface dwellers cannot see what God is doing deep within. There are woman coming out of obscurity—seemingly out of nowhere, but God has had you in his hand for such a time as this! Soon the Word of the LORD and the plan for His bride will burst forth and everyone will see what a stir some little bubbles can cause! Keep stirring, keep connecting, and keep seeking to enlarge yourself in Yeshua. It is only a matter of time, a short time, until everyone will see what is happening. Right now it seems as if only a few of us know, but shortly these bubbles will rise to the surface and no one will deny it!

The vision will speak for itself.

We won’t have to defend ourselves or try to explain why we as women are not only speaking, but speaking with authority. They will see it and then they will know. It’s only a matter of time!

There is one thing we must remember as we are stirring.

If you have a tea pot or pan that you use for boiling water, you will notice that a gritty residue forms in the bottom of the pan. We have to continually clean our pan! We have to make sure the water that we are stirring is pure and not full of grit@! The grit is the mineral deposits left behind when the boiling takes place. It is kind of like the dross left behind when gold is tried. We have to scrape off the layer of junk that makes us impure. We will be tried and purified. We must continue to eliminate the grit and dross from our lives so that the water that others drink is free from impurities.

How do we purify our water and keep our pot clean?

Receive instruction, embrace correction, and repent from our sin.

Do not be heady and high minded thinking that you have all the answers.

NONE of us has all the answers.

This is the very reason that God connects us! NONE of u scan fulfill the great commission alone. This is why there is never one bubble on the bottom of the pot but many.

There is ONE result of all those little bubbles connecting and enlarging themselves—the whole pot boils.

There are apostles, evangelists, prophets, pastors and teachers.

There are many gifts of the Spirit and we are all little bubbles on our own, but when we connect we become enlarged! Soon this thing will boil and run over and the world will see true unity in the church.

Father revealed to us this afternoon that there is a spirit at work in the body today.

It is called “fear of men.”

This spirit has been teaching us that asking for help, or saying to a brother or sister that you don’t understand something is being “stupid.” On the other hand people in ministry have had an attitude for so long that “we have arrived.”

This attitude was food for the spirit of fear. This afternoon Father prompted us to rebuke this evil spirit. He has asked of all of us in ministry to repent from this attitude of spiritual pride.

That’s why Father is using us TOGETHER to bring out His Word. It is not important who brings out the Word, because it is all HIS Word! We are bringing this Word to you in unity, combining our Gifts together to create ONE message.

Serving each other will result in a very powerful army UNIFIED in the Spirit going forth with ONE message!

We will worship Him bringing HIM honor and glory, not to me, or I, or us, but HIM!

Serving each other with our own special anointing and gifts will create this great conquering army! We cannot conquer if we are focused on ourselves and our own ministries! We will only conquer the darkness in this age through unity.

Do not try to be like someone else, be yourself! Walk in your own gift. Do not be embarrassed to ask someone else for help. He has given us to each other to make the world see……..HIM! He did not create an arm…or a leg…He created a BODY! We have all different gifts and positions, but He is calling out ONE army…

This is the season to repent with each other and search HIM, HE will make the unity HE will do it suddenly…..out of the blue there will be ONE ARMY! Can’t you feel what He is doing…..repent, ask Daddy that He will shine His light also in the hidden corners of your heart…..SURRENDER……and He will promote you, to come into HIS ARMY!

GLORY TO OUR LORD! Cathy Meijer & Susan Vannice

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