A Proper Introduction

I believe in the Father -Abba The Son -Yeshua and The Holy Spirit.- Ruach Ha' Kodesh. ( ONE G-d) Abba revealed to me many years ago that I am Jewish He made also my call clear. D'Vorah a mother to Israel. A voice to share truth. HIS truth! The Israelites Natural branch Gentile believers or Goyim, grafted in, both supported by Yeshua. His feasts His ways His plan.

Why do I share this? Because hatred is increasing and some Jewish people do no longer want to know they are Jewish and deny their faith because of the same reason. My life has not been easy. I know what suffering is, loneliness is, hatred is, illness, miscarriages, loss, false accusations, and much much more. Abba prepared me for my call and made it clear how important is was, to face before the blessing of the firstborn, also the experience of the suffering part, to clear the way for others.

It is also a testimony about HIS faithfulness. As He is the ONE Who calls His children home! First into HIS heart and in His time to Israel.

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It is ONE flock as He is ONE G-d and ONE Shepherd. One Word.

Since childhood He was so near to me. Gave me word which was related to His People and His land, promises which I knew because He opened my eyes, no matter my age. But the depth of it all came when I cried out to Him after I lost everything I loved, and wanted to die. He brought Yochanan in my life, and then He started the journey to make HIS child mature enough to step in the calling as a mother to Israel.

If you feel hatred towards the Jewish Moshiach, and to us the Jews, deep down inside of you, I advice you to speak about it. Tell it to HIM, as He is a loving Father, and also can heal the root of it! If you need prayer? Don't hesitate and use the contact form we intercede once a week. But one way or another, it is time to stand up as ONE. Jew and Goyim ONE flock in HIS hands. It is time to speak the truth, to be not ashamed of sharing HIS truth.

I pray a blessing over all of us. And a good sweet new year! Shana Tova!

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