A New Day

Good Morning! While in prayer, the Lord wanted me to share the following issue. Many people, who do not believe, use scriptural truth in their coaching programs and leadership development. But the Father is calling HIS people back! To not only read scriptural principles in a worldly setting but to stay IN HIM and IN HIS word! To soak in HIS truth and stay in HIS truth! The rebuilding of the Temple of the living stones! A set apart HOLY people. There is a wave of glory coming. Many have been through purification and are ready to arise and shine.

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Awaken The Dawn

But a new wave is coming of people who will leave the churches where they do not learn this. They hunger for life and truth! And they need spiritual counselors who are set apart and who been there walked through it and will lead them to the Lord! Many of us will see new things coming in a wave of sudden events! The new has come and the doors are open to begin something new, or te restart what He called you for, but you and your ministry have been pruned! We need to be ready! HIS wisdom and HIS truth must be seen and need to be heard!

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