A Loving Warning From The Lord

Received during interceding:

Thus saith the Lord:

“My people, why are you replacing MY word with what you see and hear on TV and radio?

Did I not say, where you fill yourselves with, will also come out of you?!

Some of you come to Me and have a great time in My Spirit.

But as soon as the amen sounds, you run back to the world and allow it you will be filled with darkness again!

It supposed to be the other way around!

If you come out of your prayer closet, filled with MY light, MY word, My presence, you are more than able to BRING the LIGHT wherever I lead you to go!

You need to learn to walk as Enoch once did, 24/7/365.***

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To those who are going through the fire still, don’t give up now, look at the situation, with your spiritual eyes!

It is not a punishment; on the contrary, “I Am” is blessing you with MY fire I cleanse you and remove the little foxes that can be so dangerous in the time to come!

Rejoice, for I discipline My children, those I love I want to have for Myself. And flesh cannot stand in My presence!

It is time, My children, that this dark world will see Me through all of you!

No matter if you are beginning to cross over from Egypt towards Canaan through the Jordan river ( river of death end of self)

Or arriving in the Promised land, ( being at the end of EGO and leaning upon the Lord completely)

You are still ONE! As I Am One!

Trust Me, I know everything, and I know exactly what I Am doing!

For the both of you, it is the same message I share today.

"TAKE MY HAND and let ME lead you! Some will have an encounter with Me!
Some directly and others, through a Prophet, I will send!
Take heed as what you are about to hear, will be a key, to open a new door! Listen and Obey! “

Your Father.

*** Enoch, who walked with the Lord and whose name means disciplined, initiate and also called the candlestick of the Lord, shows you, because of how he lived with his G-d, the truth behind the menorah!

Being a candlestick knitted to the ***foot! Only through dying to self we can be knitted to Him!

Which represents ***Yeshua ( Jesus) who points out to THE FATHER and who walked with Him 24/7/365

In His Spirit, we can do the same in Faith by Grace and in His Rest!

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