A Lonely Way

The first thing you need to realize when you step through the open door is that many who call themselves friends will split into two groups.

1. Those who ARE friends and who wish you all the best and pray for you.

2. Those who SAID, you are friends, but in fact, can not bear the idea that you climb higher.

It does not matter if you are a believer or not, climbing higher will cause a change in many areas!

As a believer, I am blessed because I cling to my Savior and I obey HIM every step of the way!

It does not matter if someone understands it or not.

If you rely only on your own strength, the path is even more difficult, because you have to fight a battle that is not easy, and where only He can give you rest, and true guidance!

Anyway, it is important to be sure of the steps you will take!

If that is the case, learn to be wise. Sometimes silence is the best answer to give to the doubters who are around you! Spare your strength and let them go!

Concentrate on what is really important!

It is important that you know yourself! That sounds ridiculous, but believe me, many see themselves as they want to be.

So when you start with an imaginary YOU, you will fall quickly instead of climbing higher!

Preparation, Perseverance, Promotion! The 3 P`s.

Let all voices be silent, (except the ONE voice if you are a believer) and allow yourself to look at yourself as you really are!

It is the first step to the path you need to walk! Be yourself, be honest with yourself, and let go of everyone's expectations (parents, friends, teachers, etc.). As soon as you can do that, you will be satisfied with who you really are!

Then you are ready to discover where your talents and gifts can bring you!

Trust Try Time The 3 T`s

Trust in yourself as a human being. You are unique! Stay unique and live your life in your true colors!

Trying is not a word to be ashamed of. If things are going well, it is a blessing. But normally we try and we fail, and we try and we fall! But we do not give up! When we receive things too quickly, we will also lose them quickly! Give it time to learn things, to try new things and accept it, that good things take time!

Failure is a word that nobody likes to hear, but in fact, failures are the stepping stones to your success! It builds your character! You learn to persist and not to give up!

And for those who believe in God: Success is when we learn to die to ourselves so that the KING can lead you completely! No matter what your task in this life is, once we discover that satisfaction has nothing to do with money, fame, and prosperity, you will discover that dirty layers are removed from your eyes and you will see things in a different perspective!

As soon as we appreciate the small things in life, we find peace for our souls.

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