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Rhema Coaching is helping others through and with the word of God.
With the specific aim of receiving a word that directly connects to the need or problem of the client.

Stay In The Now Moment

When your eyes are only focused on achieving success in the future, you will not be able to see the opportunities right under your nose that you need to achieve your goal.
 -  Mamme D'Vorah Coaching

Faith Conquers The Fear Of Failure

Success often cannot be found in a very fast start without any kind of hindrance but in a small spot surrounded by many obstacles. That is the point where faith needs to overrule the fear of failure! -  Mamme D'Vorah Coaching

How to Stop Overthinking

We can think about success coming in the next year, we can worry about what could happen, but it will not change a thing, since both situations still are in our imagination.
Live your life in the " NOW MOMENT"  
 - Mamme D'Vorah Coaching

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Failures Are The Stepping Stones To Success - Dr. Cathy Meijer

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