Picture Marianne Grandia. Author and journalist for THE EVA a Dutch Magazine 

Picture Marianne Grandia.
Author and journalist for THE EVA, a Dutch Magazine 


Dear D'Vorah and all the others who will read this: 

A long time ago, you asked me to write down my memories from that night when we all expected that you would die. I had to think about a night when I was sitting by D'Vorah's bed. 

She is a dear friend of mine, who had been suffering from cancer and was dying! Death was already in the house; you could even smell it. (That smell was something I remembered for a long time!) Suddenly, in the middle of the night, everything changed! The smell disappeared, my friend started to get warm again, and her color came back. Her husband and I could not believe what was happening!
A few hours later, she was sitting up in her bed, and she even asked for something to eat!


I left at dawn (early morning), and when I was sitting in my car, I saw a vision.

It was obvious she would NOT die! She would stay on earth! She had a mission! I felt I had to call Yochanan, her husband and that I needed to tell him this! To encourage him!
Wow, this was scary- would I dare to do this??

Death had been so near...she had even arranged her own funeral! I, myself, had washed and ironed the white dress she wanted to wear! It seemed impossible that she would live longer...

But I obeyed and called her husband. There had been a moment in the past that I did not do what the Father had asked of me, and to this very day, I regret it very much,
and I did not want to be disobedient ever again!


I called her husband and told him the vision, and I also told him that I did it with great discomfort
but felt I must obey what the Father had told me to say.

Soon, however, it was evident I had heard correctly and that the vision was not a mistake.

In a short period, the doctors told her everything was gone!
She was free of cancer!

There was also no damage from the radiation and other treatments she had taken into her body that normally can cause as much damage as cancer itself.

The doctors' pictures showed everything was fine-
it seemed that she had never had cancer or its treatments!

This is a miracle!

Now we are talking about some years ago; today, it is obvious that this woman had a task to do!
A great task! Today her ministry is international!

Other words that come back to me when I think back on that night in Yochanan's and D'Vorah's house are: 

“The way to the light is coming, but it is not straight. It bends." ****

(This meant she would go to Him at some time, but when we thought she would go straight to heaven

NOW, the road bent, and she is still traveling here on earth.) 


**** This word I received while driving to their house.

I had to turn back because the road was blocked and I needed to take a different road!

I also saw D'Vorah standing at Heaven's gate, where I also saw her beautiful daughter that was miscarried, waiting for her!

I saw that the road was bending and later, much later, she will come again to that place! It was clear to me that she had things to do before she can go to heaven!

These are my memories of that night with Yochanan and D'Vorah,
and I felt it was time to share them with all of you!

Blessings, Marianne

Here D'Vorah goes on:  

The morning after this night that Marianne is talking about, a friend of ours, called Marrie,
came to our house!
As soon that she entered the room, she said with a loud voice: "What happened this last night with you guys?"

But Yochanan and I both kept our mouth shut and asked her:
"You tell us! Why are you asking this?"

Then she told us what she experienced that same night when Marianne and Yochanan were sitting beside my bed.

Marrie said: 

In the middle of the night, I saw a vision. I was not dreaming but awake! I was driving my car, and you were with me, D'Vorah.

I was driving to a cemetery, a graveyard. When we arrived there, it was a dark and terrifying place.
I started to look for an open space where you could be buried.
At the same moment that I found a spot, the entire cemetery became full of light! 

A voice said: “Go away from here! This is not the right place and certainly not the right time!”

Then the vision stopped. I looked at my clock, and it was 5:30 AM.


D'Vorah confirms: 

The story Marianne has been telling about that night that they thought I would die happened during that EXACT same time that Marrie had her vision!
It was 5:30 AM when I sat up in my bed and asked for food! After this night, I received radiation and other treatments. But the vision that I saw in my spirit (Read the entire Testimony of me) came true!
The cancer was gone, and they could not find any damage from the radiation therapy!
Yeshua literally had covered me, as I saw in the vision!


Glory to our Lord!

Short Testimony: 

 In 2000 it turned out that I had cancer, in an advanced stage.
It turned out to be the kind that grows slowly.

It had been there already for a long time, right thru the womb to the left gland.

Because it had been there for so long, and because there was dead tissue in my uterus, my blood was poisoned. Bleeding due to veins that had burst and deadly ill, I was hospitalized. 

It was then, in His Light, that I have “seen” who I really was. I was tossing and turning in my bed because of remorse... After an intensive period, a word came to me through someone.
The word was that it had been enough now...I will not tell the whole story now, but in His light, the "cancer" was taken out of my soul.

I became small and broken in and out of myself...
I found rest and put myself in Father's arms full of trust.

Everything was fine with me: If He would come and get me, that would be fine if He had other plans, that would be fine too...I didn't hold on to anything in a cramp.

I didn't demand anything, asked nothing, but nestled in His arms.

Father gave a word that I was to go to the Daniël Den Hoed clinic,
but that He would be the One healing me... 


I got a vision of me lying down alone in a room, and then Yeshua entered the room. He kissed me and proceeded to lie down on top of me with His arms around me. I was not visible any longer. He literally covered me. Only then the radiation machine came into the picture.
Yeshua caught the rays...and that's how it happened...


At the end of intensive treatments- radiation inside and outside- and Hyperthermia, the cancer was not gone... 

They made a scan to find out how they could continue to treat me.

After the scan was made, they called me... it was gone...
The Daniël Den Hoed team was so surprised that they didn't know what to think.
They even had a team from the Zuider-Ziekenhuis hospital come and take a look...

When I came for a check-up a few weeks later, the doctor almost fell out of his chair...
I should have been burned inside; it should have looked very different!
It looked as if I had never had any radiation treatment... 

Yeshua had caught the rays and healed me! (Yeshua - Jesus)