The Secret Behind The Menorah

Psalm or Tehillim 67
1 7 (For the one directing. On Neginot. With stringed instruments. Mizmor. Shir.)
Elohim be channun (gracious) unto us, and put a brocha upon us, and may
He makes His face shine upon us. Selah.
23 (3) That Thy Derech may be known upon HaAretz, Thy Yeshuah
(salvation) among kol Goyim.
34 (4) Let the Amim praise Thee, O Elohim; let kol Amim praise Thee.
45 (5) O let the peoples be glad and sing for joy, for Thou shalt judge the people righteously,
and govern the peoples upon HaAretz. Selah.
56 (6) Let the people praise Thee, O Elohim; let kol Amim praise Thee.
67 (7) Then shall eretz yield her yevul (increase, produce, harvest); and Elohim,
even Eloheinu shall put a brocha upon us.
78 (8) Elohim shall bless us, and kol afsei aretz (all the ends of the earth) shall fear Him.
The Menorah is a central part of the Temple Service, which includes the Ketoret, the incense whose purpose is to draw ourselves closer to HaShem. Thus our reason for saying this Psalm as a Menorah is to draw ourselves closer to the Creator HaShem.
The title of the Shiviti is Menorat Lamnatzayach. Lamnatzayach will be discussed below. Although from above, we learn that it is related to the Sefirah of Netzach or Eternal Victory. Menorat is a plural form of the word Menorah.
Immediately below are small Hebrew words that translate as follows:
Know Before Whom You Stand.
You stand before the King who reigns over Kings.
This is the Blessed Holy One, whom we call HaShem.
We call upon this Name HaShem in Fear and Awe.
The main thought of the Kavenah comes from Psalm 16, Verse 8.
שויתי יהוה לנגדי תמיד כי מימיני בל-אמוט
I have set YOOD HAY VAV HAY before me ALWAYS, at every TIME.
Expanded Kavenah
Source: Yeshshem
The Secret Behind The Menorah.
D"Vorah Meijer 

It is time for unity in and through the Holy Spirit. The Ruach HaKodesh.
This is only possible when we follow HIS ways and not our self-build symbols and self-made programs and rules!
This is only possible when we die to self, to the flesh because in HIS ruach ( breath), we are genuinely ONE!

** Enoch, who walked with the Lord and whose name means disciplined, initiate, and also called the candlestick of the Lord, shows you, because of how he lived with his G-d, the truth behind the Menorah!
Being a candlestick knitted to the ***foot! Only through dying to self can we be knitted to Him!
Which represents ***Yeshua ( Jesus) who points out to THE FATHER and who walked with Him 24/7/365
In His Spirit, we can do the same in Faith by Grace and in His Rest!
Abba (Father) instructed His people to build a MENORAH.
That beautiful lamp-stand that first stood in the Tabernacle and then in the Temple just outside of the Holy of Holies.
It's the only lamp we know of that God Himself designed!
Moses made it according to the design God showed him on the mountain.
What secret message has He hidden in this remarkable and beautiful piece of craftsmanship?
Could it truly have a huge and deep meaning for us even today?
Let us first take a look at the foot (center) where all other lights are worn.
It represents YESHUA.
All other lights indicate Him meaning we as His children must always point to Him!
Actually, it should have been really easy to make a Menorah,
just by using liquid gold, pouring it into a mold of plaster or other material, and then letting it cool off.
But the Lord showed them how He wanted the Menorah to be built.
He wanted it to be hammered out of one piece of rock!
That is why He called the craftsmen!
People who knew how to do it in a way the Lord wanted it!
The Menorah represents the Lord and the seven churches!
As the Menorah was hammered out of a rock and the other lights were fixed to the center to the foot,
so the Holy Spirit will "hammer" us, so to speak!
He will purify us and cleanse us and remove the flesh ( carnal ways of thinking)
so that we will die to ourselves, and He can be the King in our lives!
Yeshua / Jesus, son of a Carpenter!
We will look like pure gold! And we will be one with Him!
As the Menorah stood before the Holy of Holies, it represents that if we are not dead on self, we can not enter His heart!
The flesh will not see our King and cannot enter His throne!
When gold is at the highest melting point, which demands enormous heat, it will be as clear as glass!
When the Lord has achieved our melting process, we will be as pure as gold,
and we will walk without masks! We have nothing to hide.

Who will help us to continue this process?
Who is the craftsman who works in us and through us?
Exactly! The Holy Spirit!
The Menorah is the only symbol the Lord has given us, which represents complete unity!!
The Cross represents: dying to self, to the flesh!
All other symbols divide us, build walls between us!
The Menorah is the symbol of true unity in and through the Holy Spirit!
When we are born again, we are so-called Spirit-filled believers.
We are His children and followers of Yeshua (Jesus Christ). He is ( must be) our all in all.
By walking with Him, our flesh and the carnal way of thinking will be removed,
and we will receive more of His Spirit!
Torah means: "To Teach." it is as a Feeding – Trough or manger filled with HIS word ( water and bread)
Yeshua gives us Bread, Living Water. The Wine. The Honey. The Myrrh.
We may eat under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, out of His Torah, the first five books in the Bible!
If we read it with the help of the Holy Spirit, we will grow and become mature spiritually speaking.
In those days, the bread was kept warm and fresh by wrapping it in clothes!
He was also wrapped in clothes! As described in the Bible, the manna was kept fresh by daily giving!
So every day, we may look upon Him and trust Him that He will guide us and help us!
Our Lord is born in a manger, wrapped in cloths. He is the living bread and the living water.
Born as a baby, then crucified and risen again! He ascended into heaven, and we can expect Him back as the KING of KINGS, the LORD of LORDS!
This will be done until the bride, without a spot or wrinkle, can stand before Him. He will only come back for a spotless Bride!

But He is ONE!
Abba gave us the MENORAH.
The big secret behind this lamp-stand is that we cannot divide ourselves into groups.
One YHWH One Message One Body One Bride One New Man
(Jew and Greek, Old and Young, White and Black, Free and Slave.)
-He created man and woman = ONE in the Lord.
-Torah and the renewed covenant = ONE in the Lord.
-Law and Grace= ONE in the Lord.
He is Abba ( Father) He is Eema ( Mother) I Am!
He is ONE in ALL and ALL in One! And He is our ALL in ALL.
The five-fold ministry is a gift given to us by the Lord to His Body to build and teach and equip His Body through His Spirit.
In the earlier days, it where the priest who stood still in the Jordan River. (River of death)
They stood near the ark of His presence until the others crossed over too.
The five-fold ministers today are called by our Lord to help the others to cross over from the world through the process of the end of self, to enter His Father heart!
This five-fold ministry is for men and women who are called and sent by the Lord and who walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.
They can only perform these gifts in and through the Holy Spirit and with a humble heart to serve the Body.
But above all, to serve the Lord and honor His Holy Name!
**They always point out to HIM! Never behave as if they can do things without His Holy Spirit!
They must be available so He can speak to His children, build them up, and care for them,
so they become that spotless bride who awaits His soon return.
The sons of God must become visible (men and women).
Only by and in the unity of the Holy Spirit will we become One Body, and then the world will recognize Him!
Only then can they recognize and acknowledge Him, Who sent Yeshua!

Do not cut His Word in two, do not divide His Body Hear oh Israel, Your God is one!*
Torah is the crib ( feeding trough or manger) and contains the vitamins which make us spiritually mature!
Learn the Torah without the help of the Holy Spirit and with the wrong attitude of your heart! ( Pride)
and it will turn you into a Pharisee! And it will harden your heart!
Study The Torah in the right way (with the Holy Spirit's help) and a right heart attitude (humility). Tremendous and profound lessons are to learn.
The people of Israel literally went through the desert (Exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land)
For us, it is a spiritual journey coming out of our Egypt, meaning:
our worldly way of thinking to enter our promised land!
Which stands for: being totally IN Him.
It will give us rest for our soul and an intimate relationship with our Father!
Enoch walked with God! Total surrender brings a complete turnaround.
TESHUVA = Reverse - Repentance - Answer!

Someone asked me what does it mean to walk like Enoch?
I asked the Lord to help me to answer this question.
Abba told me:

"Enoch in Hebrew (Chanok) means; initiated;
The meaning of initiated is: to START something. "the one who is consecrated, initiated."
To compare with Christ, which means in Greek "the anointed one," As Yeshua means salvation.
My children must also become like Yeshua/ Christ. Who only did what His Father wanted Him to do.
Who surrendered everything!
Who lay down His life willingly.
Walking as Enoch, who started with this way of living with Me as His God, shows you, tells you,  it is not about setting a short time of your day apart to pray and listen to Me, but your day,
your life is about Me, and you listen
and obey Me, and you are so dead to self that you worship Me by pouring your life out!
24/7/365, you and I are ONE!
You do nothing until My Spirit inside of you
is leading you to do so.

Abba says:
My first disciples were learning this also, and if they tried something that was not in My plan,
The Holy Spirit prevented it.
So you can learn this without stress because I will still do the same thing.
Yeshua is the FIRST of all of those who will do the same!
The Sons of God means those who crucified the flesh will walk as Enoch and shine MY light out of them instead of showing their fleshly behavior.
They only call ME good and do what is pleasing to Me and what I ask them to do!
Not for a while, not only during prayer time but 24/7/365"
Chanok: four Israelites, sons of Cain, Jered, Midian, and Reuben
Original Word: חֲנוֹך
Part of Speech: proper name, masculine
Transliteration: Chanok
Phonetic Spelling: (khan-oke')
Short Definition: Enoch