My Background

Theory is good. But practice proves if you are skilled.

Account Manager | Mentor - Coach |  Contributing Author | Guest Lecturer |

D.Th & DD - doctorate honoris causa 

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Before everything else
Desert - Gethsemane - Golgotha ( Journey to die to the flesh)
Cleansed Purified and Pruned End of self Beginning of God

In the past 27 years, I have followed courses, coaching but also training for victim support, so that I know what to do in extreme situations.
I have read books and I have been able to confirm my credibility as a coach in practice.

The Wisdom Of My Lord is the ground on which I stand.
Torah and Brit Chadashah. Having a living relationship with Him.
That's why  I may experience  
"The Wisdom Of Solomon" 

About The Book: 

"King Solomon transformed the tiny tribal nation of Israel into an economic and military superpower. His brilliance as an international financier made Israel the wealthiest nation of the ancient world.
He led Israel into its Golden Age.
And he did it with integrity.

King Solomon left us twenty-eight profound leadership strategies--as valid today as when the proverbs were written. The same extraordinary wisdom that transformed Solomon's world can revolutionize every aspect of leadership for any CEO, manager, pastor, coach, military strategist, or government leader."

Failures Are The Stepping Stones To Success - Cathy Meijer

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