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In 1994- 1995 G-d set her apart
for the work to which He has called her. 

- Nebiah.** ** Prophetess

A Bit Of Background


Called by her LORD to be a mother to Israel, a voice in the wilderness, showing the world,
Israel is not human-made but created by G-d for HIS purpose.
To shine HIS light to the nations. A beacon of hope! A Nation with a Divine purpose!

*D'Vorah is married to Yochanan since July 30th, 1990.
She teaches out of the Torah and the Brit'Chadashah.

She is the Rabba of " Beitzata."  

Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach

Said to them; therefore, every sofer (scribe, Torah teacher, rabbi) who becomes a talmid of the Malchut HaShomayim is like a man [who is] a Baal Bayit, who takes out of his otzar (treasure), chadashot (new things) and also yeshanot (old things).

      ✿OLD- TORAH✿ ✿NEW- BRIT'CHADASAH✿  Mattityahu 13:52

D’Vorah Meijer is the founder of Dezerto Floro Foundation — Desert Flower.
Blossoming despite hardship for Jew and Goyim.

Prophecy, Advice, Guest Lectures, Contributing Author,
Ministry mandate: Isaiah 45 Rebuilding, Restoration, Reconciliation.

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